We are proud to annouce the winners of the first EWSDN

HandsOn / Hackathon event

28-29 September 2015 | Bilbao, Spain

First prize: “Basic OpenFlow per-Port Queues Implementation in ONOS"
  • Arne Schwabe, University of Paderborn
  • Michael Jarschel, Nokia, Munich
  • Steffen Gebert, University of Wuerzburg
Winners 1st prize
Second prize: “Load Balancer Intent"
  • Alaitz Mendiola, University of the Basque Country
  • Borja Marcos, Sarenet
Winners 2nd prize

The European Workshop on Software Defined Networks has always been characterized by treating both scientific, industrial and practical topics through the regular, poster and demo track. Having the possibility of acquiring first hand knowledge from the authors of available OpenSource software is an addition that we think will foster your interest in the EWSDN event.

It has been difficult to make a choice and decide either to concentrate all the event to one product or present several complementary or competing products. Our previous experience decided us to target only one product and have a HandsOn/Tutorial for the the first day and a Hackathon for the second one. We think this approach will cover expectations from everybody, novel and experienced users.

This year, we have chosen ONOS, which defines itself as "a new carrier-grade SDN network operating system designed for high availability, performance, scale-out." ONOS is maturing quite quickly and other than demos we can already say that exciting solutions like ATRIUM that make use of this project are appearing.

For this event we have the chance to have it presented by ON.Lab team members. They will introduce attendants to the technology behind ONOS and will propose challenges ranging from application design to ONOS hacking or modification.